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2012 Truck Farm Garden Contest winners

Thanks to everyone who entered and helped spread the word about our third annual Truck Farm Garden Contest! Special thanks to our judges, Michael Pollan and Marion Nestle.

First place, with a gift certificate for the Seed Savers Exchange, goes to Karlie Cole of Minnesota. Karlie wrote, “Inspired by Truck Farm – but with no truck and no sun except on the driveway – my Prius became a greenhouse!” Check it out:


Second place, with a Truck Farm DVD and trucker hat, goes to Steve Madewell of Maryland. Steve created a vertical LEGO garden:

Steve wrote, “I’ve been experimenting with ways to encourage children and families to invent their own methods of growing fresh food at home, regardless of where home may be… It turns out LEGOs drain fairly well, are easy to reconfigure for  plant growth, and most plants don’t seem to mind being grown in and around toys.”

So much creativity! Keep on planting.


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Knight Fellowship at Western Reserve

Thanks to Western Reserve Academy for these photos from Ian Cheney’s residency as the Knight Fellow in April. Ian visited the campus to show films, give talks, and lead classes related to environmental issues and filmmaking. Thanks to the students, faculty, and staff for this terrific experience!

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MSNBC interview

Ian and Curt were guests on MSNBC’s Martin Bashir show last week, talking about the Heinz Award and their work with FoodCorps and Wicked Delicate. Check out the interview here!


Ian miked up for the Martin Bashir show

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Ian and Curt win Heinz Award!

Ian and Curt co-founded Wicked Delicate Films in 2006, and this year, Curt began devoting most of his energies to running FoodCorps. For their collaborations in film and food advocacy, they’ve won a 2011 Heinz Award!



From the press release:

Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis have sprinkled humor and possibility into an otherwise somber sustainable food movement with their documentary films and innovative advocacy that reaches millions of Americans. At 31, they are the youngest individuals to win a Heinz Award.




Read more at:


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