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BLUESPACE premiere!

We’re thrilled to announce that Wicked Delicate’s newest feature documentary will have its World Premiere in November at DOC NYC. The film – infused with science fiction, atmospheric soundscapes, and a new score by award-winning composers Simon Beins & Ben Fries – explores the terraforming of Mars and the waterways of New York City. Stay tuned for more news about festivals and distribution!


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General Tso in theaters!

The Search for General Tso is marching to theaters around the USA, with over 40 cities and a simultaneous release on Video-on-Demand. Follow the rave reviews here, and read a nice writeup in Slate here.  Many thanks to the folks at IFC/Sundance Selects, and congrats to the whole WD team!


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2014 Tribeca World Premiere

We’re tso excited to announce that our new feature-length documentary, THE SEARCH FOR GENERAL TSO, will make its world premiere at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. Directed by Ian Cheney and produced by author Jennifer 8. Lee and Amanda Murray, THE SEARCH FOR GENERAL TSO will debut in Tribeca’s Spotlight Section, with a premiere screening on Sunday, April 20. We’re thrilled to be part of the line-up!

For more news and announcements as we march GENERAL TSO into the world, follow us on Twitter (@GeneralTsoMovie) and Facebook. Hats off to the whole Wicked Delicate team and all our collaborators who brought this film to life. We can’t wait to share it!


Our official film poster designed by the mega-talented Pete Fallon

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Winning Gardens

Our 2013 (third annual!) Truck Farm Garden Contest delighted us with unexpected ways to plant seeds. We want to share a few of the highlights:

This year’s winner was 7-year-old Ava Appleton, shown below with her golden friend. Ava transformed a shopping cart into a mobile garden parked outside of her elementary school in Minnesota.

Ava Appleton

The shopping cart was planted with hay, and a garden in a cat litter pan was added to the lower level. Soon, others students at Ava’s school added a sled farm and a wagon farm to the tableau, and eventually Ava’s cart was joined by over 20 gardens planted in recycled containers. She started a movement!


Wine Box

For Mary Luongo in California, a tiny sunflower seed took root in a discarded wine crate. She plans to plant tomatoes next.

Below, high schooler Mykin Lopez planted these super cool “Garden-A-Gallons” for the Feast on the Street food festival in Phoenix, Arizona.


Gallon buckets

Eleven-year-old Julia Hogendorf in New York is growing her own colorful sprouts in a crayon box on her windowsill.


Crayon Garden

Thanks to all who entered!

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WD Gala + New Ways to Watch

In May we had a grand time hosting a Wicked Delicate spring showcase (and calling it a gala) at Anthology Film Archives in NYC. The gala featured previews of some works in progress – including Bluespace, Project Dad, Positively Beautiful, and The Search for General Tso – and a screening of Amanda Murray’s short film WORLD FAIR, fresh from its premiere at IFFBoston. It was especially fun to have several characters from that film in attendance – Hi Helene, Stanley, Jim, and Seymour! – along with a lot of folks from near and far who make our work possible. Thanks to all the friends, family, and filmmaking partners who came. Here are a few highlights from the red carpet circles:


And hey! There are some new ways to see our recent films:

THE CITY DARK is now featured digitally on iTunes and Amazon Instant. DVDs of WORLD FAIR are for sale on Amazon. As always, if you’d like to host a screening, drop us a line at [email protected]

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On the Gowanus

After a long winter indoors, the WD team has kicked off a spring full of shoots for our forthcoming film BLUESPACE, a feature-length documentary about terraforming and waterways. Last week, just a few blocks from our office, we hopped in canoes and paddled up and down the murky and malodorous Gowanus Canal while marveling at its toxic beauty.

waterways selfie

Lily and Lady by Trash

Owen Foote (below), of the Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club, told us all about the canal’s foul industrial past and potentially blue-er future.

Owen, Bridge

The Dredgers lead canoe trips all summer and if you have the chance to take one, we recommend it. Paddling along the Gowanus is a unique (and, um, multi-sensory) way to experience Brooklyn, and a good reminder that much of New York City is defined by its waterways.

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Have you seen the General?

The WD team recently spent a whirlwind week in China on film shoots for THE SEARCH FOR GENERAL TSO. Armed with photos of the General and an infamous chicken dish, director Ian and associate producer Lily touched down in Shanghai to find the trail.

In Shanghai, a city with floating trains(!), we met food bloggers, study-abroad students, cultural historians, and a branding expert. We took their pulse on the Shanghai food scene, the history of Chinese cuisine, and the differences between Chinese American food and authentic Chinese food. To find the General, they said, head south.

We flew to General Tso’s hometown, Xiangyin, in the Hunan Province, where we interviewed all kinds of folks and captured the local sites and lore. Our journey ended in a village on the outskirts of Xiangyin where nearly everyone claims to be descended from the famed General.

Ian in Museum

The older man below in the hat had the greatest eyebrows we’d ever seen.

Lily with Villagers

We were distracted briefly from General Tso’s Chicken by “Ecological Pigs Feet King”…

Ecological Pigs Feet

…and we ate tons of tasty Fish Head Stew.

Fish Head Stew

Stateside once again, the search continues!

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Slo-mo Tso

The WD crew recently had a fun and unusual shoot for THE SEARCH FOR GENERAL TSO with Chef King Phojanakong at his terrific Asian fusion restaurant in Clinton Hill, Umi Nom. King let us take over the kitchen to shoot slow-motion footage of leaping wok flames and sizzling hot oil and flying chicken chunks and gooey red sauce as he made General Tso’s Chicken from start to finish.

Director Ian with cameraman Jack Shanahan as Chef King chops vegetables and cracks eggs for our pretty hilarious slo-mo shoot.

Director Ian with cameraman Jack Shanahan as Chef King chops vegetables and cracks eggs for our pretty hilarious slo-mo shoot.

Wok action

Wok action

The finished dish. Thank you, King and Umi Nom!

The finished dish. Thank you, King and Umi Nom!

Stay tuned for highlights from WD’s recent shooting trip to China. The search continues…


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Spring Premiere News

Wicked Delicate is looking forward to two festival premieres in April!

Ian Cheney’s new short film, THE MELUNGEONS, will premiere at the Nashville Film Festival, with screenings on April 18 & 24. Visit for tickets.

Amanda Murray’s new short film and directorial debut, WORLD FAIR, will premiere at the Independent Film Festival Boston, with screenings on April 25 & 29 with the Documentary Shorts Package E. Tickets at, and details about the film at

Enormous, heartfelt thanks to all the Kickstarter supporters who enabled us to move WORLD FAIR into post-production this month and license the beautiful archival footage that is the heart and soul of this film. We are so grateful!

Poster design by Ed Morgan

Poster design by Ed Morgan

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WORLD FAIR on Kickstarter

Wicked Delicate producer Amanda Murray just launched a Kickstarter campaign to complete her first film, WORLD FAIR. We are so close to finishing this film. Please consider chipping in so we can bring it to the big screen!


WORLD FAIR is a short, impressionistic documentary about personal memory, amateur cinematography, and visions of the future at the radical 1939 New York World’s Fair. The film incorporates vibrant archival footage to illustrate the memories of five, heartwarming characters, pictured below. WORLD FAIR is co-produced and filmed by Ian Cheney and edited by Freddy Shanahan, with an original score by Bluebrain.

Kickstarter is all or nothing! If we don’t reach at least our minimum goal by the end of the campaign, WORLD FAIR won’t get a dime of the generous pledges. Please contribute. Every amount helps!

Visit Kickstarter for all the details, and please share this link on Twitter, Facebook, and in emails to friends:

Thank you for your support!

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