Have you seen the General?

The WD team recently spent a whirlwind week in China on film shoots for THE SEARCH FOR GENERAL TSO. Armed with photos of the General and an infamous chicken dish, director Ian and associate producer Lily touched down in Shanghai to find the trail.

In Shanghai, a city with floating trains(!), we met food bloggers, study-abroad students, cultural historians, and a branding expert. We took their pulse on the Shanghai food scene, the history of Chinese cuisine, and the differences between Chinese American food and authentic Chinese food. To find the General, they said, head south.

We flew to General Tso’s hometown, Xiangyin, in the Hunan Province, where we interviewed all kinds of folks and captured the local sites and lore. Our journey ended in a village on the outskirts of Xiangyin where nearly everyone claims to be descended from the famed General.

Ian in Museum

The older man below in the hat had the greatest eyebrows we’d ever seen.

Lily with Villagers

We were distracted briefly from General Tso’s Chicken by “Ecological Pigs Feet King”…

Ecological Pigs Feet

…and we ate tons of tasty Fish Head Stew.

Fish Head Stew

Stateside once again, the search continues!

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