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WORLD FAIR on Kickstarter

Wicked Delicate producer Amanda Murray just launched a Kickstarter campaign to complete her first film, WORLD FAIR. We are so close to finishing this film. Please consider chipping in so we can bring it to the big screen!


WORLD FAIR is a short, impressionistic documentary about personal memory, amateur cinematography, and visions of the future at the radical 1939 New York World’s Fair. The film incorporates vibrant archival footage to illustrate the memories of five, heartwarming characters, pictured below. WORLD FAIR is co-produced and filmed by Ian Cheney and edited by Freddy Shanahan, with an original score by Bluebrain.

Kickstarter is all or nothing! If we don’t reach at least our minimum goal by the end of the campaign, WORLD FAIR won’t get a dime of the generous pledges. Please contribute. Every amount helps!

Visit Kickstarter for all the details, and please share this link on Twitter, Facebook, and in emails to friends:

Thank you for your support!

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Noche Zero

We wanted to share a few highlights from Ian’s fall trip to the Atacama Desert in Chile to participate in the Noche Zero symposium exploring the disappearing darkness. THE CITY DARK was showcased in the town square of San Pedro de Atacama, and lighting designers, architects, photographers, scientists, and policymakers from around the world shared their research on light at night.

The trip began with a special tour of ALMA, the Atacama Large Millimeter/sub-millimeter Array, an array of radio telescopes in the desert’s high and dry Chajnantor plateau. The largest astronomical project in existence, ALMA is the result of an international partnership between Europe, the U.S., Canada, Asia, and Chile. The project aims to provide insight into the early formation of the universe, stars, and planets.


Ian on the tour of ALMA with other Noche Zero guest speakers: above, Dr. George Brainard, Neurology Professor and Director for the Light Research Program of Jefferson Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University (and an expert featured in THE CITY DARK); below, National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson.

After each day’s conference presentations, the group ventured into the desert to visit the Valley of the Moon and the salt-encrusted Cejar Lagoon, and finally, to stargaze under the Atacama’s famously dark night skies.

The symposium culminated in participants’ signing of the Noche Zero Manifesto, a pledge to keep working to deepen human understanding of the value of darkness. Big thanks to all the Noche Zero organizers and participants. Here’s a parting shot by Ian of the Milky Way, as seen from San Pedro. Not a bad view at all.

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