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WD in the Balkans

Not long ago we had the pleasure of traveling to a Bosnia and Herzegovina (“the BiH”), where we were hosted by the U.S. Embassy in Sarajevo, to show THE CITY DARK and TRUCK FARM and speak on issues of energy efficiency, sustainability, and advocacy.

With our inimitable host and guide, Cultural Attaché Sunshine Ison, we held screenings and talks at American Corners—small libraries created to help increase understanding between Bosnia-Herzegovina and the U.S. by making available all kinds of books, magazines, and films about America. We also visited schools in Tuzla (Bosnia’s “Salt Lake City”, in the northeast) and Banja Luka (on the lovely green Vrbas River, in the northwest) to lead workshops, show films, hear from students, and meet up with local film festival organizers.

on the road in Bosnia

talking about Truck Farm in Tuzla

cheerful (and energy-efficient!) school windows in Tuzla

with our Cultural Attache and American Corner host in Sarajevo

Ian even managed to meet up with some local amateur astronomers and catch the Transit of Venus from high in the hills outside of Sarajevo.



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